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Heron's Crest Stables, we're your gateway to equestrian excellence. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your riding skills, our passionate instructors and majestic horses are here to guide you.

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We're committed to your satisfaction. Every lesson aims to leave you with a smile and a sense of accomplishment, keeping you eager to return for more.

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Our experienced and certified instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring you ride with confidence and skill. They'll be by your side every step of the way.

Well-Trained Horses

Our majestic horses are more than just animals; they're your trusted companions on this remarkable journey. They're gentle, well-trained, and eager to be a part of your riding adventures.

About Heron's Crest Stables

Passion, Purpose, and Horses: The Heron's Crest Stables Way

At Heron's Crest Stables, we're more than just a riding school; we're a community united by our love for horses and the joy they bring to our lives. Our journey began with a profound passion for these majestic creatures and a purpose to share that passion with others.

We believe that the bond between a rider and their horse is a magical connection that can transform lives. It's this belief that drives us to provide the best horse riding lessons, professional trainers, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our riders.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary world of equestrian excellence, where every lesson is a step closer to becoming one with the horse.

Our Services

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We're dedicated to helping you uncover your inner equestrian. Our range of services includes riding lessons that cater to riders of all levels, expert training to hone your skills, beautiful horses available for sale or lease, and top-notch boarding facilities for your equine companions. Whether you're new to the saddle or an experienced rider, our services are designed to meet your equestrian needs.

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What Our Riders Say

Reviews from Google Map & Facebook Page

Discover the authentic voices of our riders who have shared their stories, testimonials, and glowing reviews on Google Maps and our Facebook Page.


Samantha Shortt


I’m a Dressage rider, getting back into the saddle after some time off. Abby is a wonderful instructor. She’s a very clear communicator and a kind person. She was understanding that I’m out of shape, and let me set the pace of the lesson while still challenging me to work on things I need to improve. The barn is tidy, all the horses look great, and everyone there is very welcoming.

I highly recommend them!


Sofia de Ramel


"Wonderful stable. Abby is so good with my daughter. We love coming. Heron's Crest Stables is an equestrian gem! The instructors' dedication to both riders and horses is unparalleled. I've gained confidence and improved my riding skills immensely. The breathtaking surroundings and the sense of belonging make every visit special. Highly recommend Heron's Crest to riders of all ages."


Lauren Wallace


"I can't praise Heron's Crest Stables enough! The lessons here go beyond riding; they instill discipline, respect, and a deep connection with these magnificent animals. The instructors are top-notch, and the serene atmosphere makes every lesson a pleasure. This stable is truly a remarkable place for equestrians."


Brandy Walus


"My granddaughter takes lessons here and the staff is excellent.. Professional but also very friendly and encouraging. It is the first place she feels comfortable and at home so her confidence is getting a real boost here. Wonderful place. The instructors' patience and expertise are unmatched. Heron's Crest is the perfect place to learn, connect with horses, and experience the joy of riding."


Dylan Castro


"Heron's Crest Stables has transformed my daughter's passion for horses into a lifelong love. The instructors are not only skilled but also nurturing, fostering a sense of responsibility and care for these incredible animals. It's a safe and welcoming environment where our family has created lasting memories."


Carly Childers


"Heron's Crest Stables is a hidden treasure for riders. My time here has been life-changing. The lessons are comprehensive, and the instructors are like family. I've grown as a rider and as a person. The bond between horse and rider is truly special here. Heron's Crest Stables is my second home."

Benefits of Horse Riding

Growing Up Confident: The Impact of Horse Riding on Children

At Heron's Crest Stables Equestrian, we're passionate about helping children grow into confident, resilient individuals. Horse riding isn't just a sport; it's a transformative experience that nurtures self-assurance, empathy, and leadership from a young age. The horse riding boost your kids -

  • Confidence

  • Responsibility

  • Mental Resilience

  • Focus and Patience

  • Independence

  • Environmental Awareness

"From Riders to Leaders: Where Every Child Finds Their Inner Strength."

- Abigail Haggard -

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