Show Team

Heron's Crest Stables offers a fun and competitive Show Team that competes on a local, regional, and 'A' level. Students are encouraged to participate on our team when they have attained the riding skills necessary to compete. Showing helps students set goals for improvement and deadlines and pushes riders to strive for a higher level; competitions teaches kids how to deal with nerves and perform under pressure and builds up confidence in and out of the saddle. And most importantly it is fun to show horses and be a part of the team.

Qualifications: All students wanting to participate in shows need to buy appropriate attire for showing, ask Abby for a check list. Students must be taking at least one lesson weekly.

Lead-Line Division-


Kids under 9 can participate in this division (show depending)


Students must be able to walk off lead line and post the trot on the lounge line with good rhythm and balance. Trotted off the lounge line a couple times.


Walk-Trot Division-


Can be any age and can walk and trot very competently with good control, equitation, and rhythm off lounge line for 6 + months and done some cantering.  Can identify diagonals at the trot and pick up correct one fairly consistently.

Walk- Trot- Canter Division-

Shown 1-2 years in Walk Trot division and cantering regularly in lessons with good control and equitation.

Over Fences Division-

Shown 1 + in WTC division and can hold good form and control over poles and fences for 6+ months.

Show Jumping

Shown 1+  Over Fences hunter/equitation. Show Jumping requires greater control, bravery, and decision making than hunter/equitation. Classes are divided by height of jumps not by age and ability.

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